Imagine a great natural forest in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

Dominated by Scots pines and a beautiful selection of other trees and woodland plants, stretching from the Atlantic fringe of the West Coast to the Great Glen and beyond. Supporting an abundance of wildlife, some found nowhere else in Britain. This is the Caledonian Forest that Trees for Life envisions for Scotland.

A great forest has been here before but has now gone after centuries of use, depleted until the final old trees decline and fall. Across the Highlands of Scotland, over many centuries, grazing by goats, sheep, cattle and wild deer along with felling for timber and farmland has removed this precious woodland from the hills of Scotland. We need that great forest again – now more than ever. Sequestering carbon, helping community resilience, reducing flooding risk, improving soils, nurturing biodiversity and offering a wonderland for people to explore – these are some of the benefits that a restored Caledonian Forest can bring.

In partnership with other landowners and managers, Forestry and Land Scotland, and at our own flagship estate at Dundreggan, Trees for Life is determined to realise this vision at a landscape scale in the Scottish Highlands.

Together, we can restore this rich and vibrant place.